Remote Infrastructure Management Services(RIMS)

IT Infrastructure which is physically scattered in the geographical locations and the base operations are outsourced to be managed not locally but remotely and globally, this process of managing IT infrastructure of any customer fully or partially from a remote location is known as Remote Infrastructure management.

Cartel Info system`s comprehensive virtual consulting services provides and are the first choice in remote infrastructure management related to computer hardware, software, desktops, laptops, servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices, etc for our esteemed clients to make and take their business availability to move forward.

In, today’s diverse IT infrastructure environment, organizations are deemed to be fit in providing, leading, advising and managing the IT infrastructure to make infrastructure available 24 X 7 X 365 to meet the business availability around the clock. Cartel Info system, carries all that capability, ability, and deep industry experience and is committed to getting things rights per client's demand and requirement. Our Architects overhauls a complete system and if needed revisit the architectural design to review and to fit the current business requirement.

Cartel Info system, Saves time, Saves money and are the association to contact, to be hassle-free and rely on our expertise to be a single point of contact for all infrastructure-related services. One-stop for Multi clients and Multi vendors support. Our, technology support services proactively monitor servers and network devices that cater to fit in as a Total IT infrastructure solution provider to help clients and business owners to move their businesses to the next level. Growth, Innovation is guaranteed once associated with the Cartel info System as a trusted IT infrastructure partner, which simplifies the remote infrastructure support with a proactive approach to cater and be up to mark to meet the demands of modern IT Infrastructures. Workstation, servers, storage, application support, and service desk are some of the Remote management services which are in our portfolio and we have the expertise and vast experience to deliver client satisfaction in the same.

Cartel Info system offers a variety of remote infrastructural management services with experience, tools, and technology to create and execute the business functions efficiently. Best practices, standards and defining scope of work are the key components which help us to keep our clients grow exponentially in a complex IT infrastructure environment.

Why Choose Cartel Info system?

Periodically, internal review is conducted to measure the standards policies are implemented and adhered, to achieve the client success. We have enabled proactive KPI`s in coordination with multi vendor’s support to transform and adapt in line with strategic alignment of business and enterprise-level to ensure Next Generation services readiness.

We, are Focused on the client’s business Service level objectives to meet with limiting risk and restoring services back to operation, from unexpected interruption and critical outages. Conducting Governance calls with customer and stakeholders to identify the gaps and provide suggestion and recommend change to fit in to fix priorities and minimize the critical business application outages