Security and Compliance Audit

As a reputed firm in the cybersecurity domain, Cartel Info Systems adhere to the latest security standards by being fully compliant with the updated rules and regulations. Cartel Info Systems conduct the most rigorous audits of security infrastructure so that the gaps/ flaws are identified and then eliminated.

Leaders in Auditing:

Cartel Info Systems is the most trusted firm in the field of audit as we comply with the radically and continuously evolving technology industry. We believe that the outdated technologies are more prone to cyber-attacks than the regular ones. Due to comparably less information about the information and security standards, firms are the epicenter of the malicious attacks of hackers. Thus through partnering with Cartel Info Systems, numerous firms across the globe have resolved their problems and conjured protective shields from attacks of the hackers.

Security compliant audits of Cartel Info Systems are based upon the widely popular ISO standards and help to assess the IT architecture and systems, with related products and processes thoroughly so that all vulnerabilities can be identified.

Offering a diverse range of solutions, we assure that after our security assessment, the security standards of the online firm will be better than the previous standard. Cartel Info Systems believe in mitigating risks for better security. Through our highly skilled and certified team of IT engineers, we have rendered our services to firms of all sizes across numerous industries. After our assessment, we also provide consultations about improving the firm’s security through different methodologies and improvements in the infrastructure.

Why opt for Security audits of Cartel Info Systems?

With the advancing technology, threats are also evolving, posing risk to firms in the form of cyber-attacks. Saying a few steps ahead is the most pragmatic solution after strengthening the firm’s defenses. Our audits not only assess the technical risks but identify business risks too. Through identification of privacy risks and correlating them with industry regulations, a priority list with the remediation steps can be made and followed. Translation of these risks along with the potential business costs incurred is also provided along with the assessment results.

Assessment outcomes of Cartel Info Systems help in the IT governance process too. Striking the right balance between the hardcore textbook approaches like STRIDE, DREAD, ROSI, Residual risks, etc. and the practical ones with the intent of a hacker, our security experts conduct efficient and useful audits and estimate associated IT risk. Our risk alignment is always tuned with the organizational goals for improving the productivity and governance processes of any type of organization/manager.