AZURE + Managed Cloud Service

Through expertise and continuous efforts of the highly skilled It professionals and engineers, clients of Cartel Info Systems have experienced supreme levels of satisfaction, in comparison with peers. These clients have achieved their business returns through the services rendered by us.

Cloud services are our forte:

Having diverse experience in providing the Azure cloud services, our team provides the best viable solutions to the issues faced by our clients. Being a valued partner of the Microsoft Azure platform, a team of experts from Microsoft and Cartel Info Systems continuously put in their efforts in providing radical and robust improvements in the architecture.

Azure Cloud Services offered by Cartel Info Systems:

Being the Certified Gold partner of Microsoft, Cartel Info Systems are the experts at providing Microsoft solutions to their clients. The certified Azure team of Cartel Info Systems will efficiently handle your infrastructure so that you can focus upon your business, generate more revenue and take leaps in productivity. Through the support of our IT team, we ensure that your hybrid cloud IT infrastructure is continuously monitored and problems are resolved on-shore. Through Cartel Info Systems audits, we ensure that everything is up-to-date and compliant. Security of the infrastructure is checked thoroughly at regular intervals so that no damage could be done to the infrastructure. We make sure that you are delivered the design and delivery solutions, compute storage and virtual network infrastructure monitoring with uninterrupted customer support.

We understand that transformation/ migration to the cloud can be pretty incomprehensible, hence our experts resolve all problems and doubts that arise in your brain.

Why opt for Azure with us?

There are numerous cloud platforms available in the market, but the reliability and dexterity are the reasons behind its extreme popularity. The latest update of Azure- Azure Stack is a hallmark, as being one of the hybrid cloud platforms of Microsoft; it offers services from the client’s data server. Through Azure, operating costs of the businesses can be reduced significantly and efforts to maintain 100% up-time can be made. It’s the team efforts that made Cartel Info Systems a well-renowned name that provides supreme quality Azure managed cloud services. We ensure that the client’s problem is resolved as quickly as possible through our 24X7 support.

We comprehend the requirement of businesses for migrating their businesses, providing endless hybrid storage with robust security; hence we recommend Azure. Application migrations, switch to cloud can easily be done on Azure platforms. Through these exceptional abilities of the Azure, establishments can readily migrate to the cloud platform, through their IT infrastructure.