Cloud Analytics

Analytics helps to make a decision fast and accurate, which is logically correct as well, because the success ratio of decision making, becomes extremely high to WIN.

Cloud analytics is a business marketing term for a set of technological and analytical tools used as a mechanism to extract information from massive data on the internet. The best tool to predict and study what happened in the past and current, so that can be prepared and plan for best results in the future. Cloud analytics is a service model delivers using cloud storage along with the private and public cloud.

With Cartel Info system, Multi-Cloud Managed services team, with an outsourcing model to manage daily IT infrastructure for cloud services and technical support to enhance customer’s business revenue model and become the first player to cater to the customer's need. Architecture Engine of Analytics provides for the Hadoop cluster that decouples the storage tiers and computes. Cost model formed for dual purpose nodes for a permanent solution, analytics engines allow saving structured data in a layer of storage and spin up clusters nodes when required. This architecture helps maintainability, flexibility, and availability of the platforms.

Get Smarter, Set a Plan for Cloud maturity model adoption

Very Often, Organization faces challenges to adapt changes in IT infrastructure, but sooner we follow the current trend, better are the chances to grow and reach to the next level and show the readiness of matured Business model.

How does it work?

Cloud Analytics, uses the hardware and middleware support tier, along with concepts of data mining, text mining and extensive keywords research which helps fetch related search data to be made available to end-users.

How can Organizations advance multi-use of clouds for business success?

Recent Gartner survey revealed that Forty percent of organizations alone in North America have a plan to approach the majority of new businesses to be funding on the cloud. Also, the number of an organization are increasing rapidly who are focused on cloud-first strategies and make their business users use the advanced technology through cloud analytics maturity business model to transform and enable to gain a competitive advantage in current Digital world. If you have are not following cloud strategy then you are likely to fall behind your competitors in the business race.

Cartel info system leverages open-source power to cater to client's needs and is flexible to adapt the framework to develop and manage the client's multi-cloud infrastructure in line with security being the most important area to be at audit compliant.