Cloud Migration

Enterprise can perform a different type of cloud migrations

The protocol of moving applications, business elements or data to the cloud computing environment is called Cloud Migration. Enterprise can perform different types of cloud migration one of which the most ordinary model is to transfer application and data from local to on-premise datacenter to the public cloud.

Acquire cost efficiencies, scalability, and flexibility to establish a rapid move to the cloud.

Cartel info system, have completed 200 + successful cloud migrations for our esteemed clients and proved is a key leader in cloud migrations which helps clients to migrate, adapt and transform existing business model to the next level. Cartel Info system Multi-cloud managed services team, partnered with cloud vendor helps in Multi-cloud management
• Multi-cloud management and data modernization
• Built security since the planning phase
• Existing critical or legacy applications to convert to the app and migrate to any cloud-like public, private or hybrid cloud.
• API enablement for modern traditional applications that were using micro services etc.

Advantages of Cloud Migration

The basic goal of any cloud migration is to gain and increase server, application availability in the most effective manner in IT infrastructure by addressing the constraints like cost, security, and performance. Greater Elasticity, redundancy, and flexibility are the prime benefits of moving the current business setup of, On-Premises application in local datacenter to public or private cloud Infrastructure.

Why did the organization need to move to the Cloud?

All Business owners maybe it is a small, medium or large; there are associated benefits and risks to act faster than big. Cloud services are specifically designed for all kind of business, hence Pay-as-you use is the concept. It’s a win-win situation for both vendors and customers.

Cloud Migration Strategies:

Workload requires an astute strategy that includes complex mixtures of cloud management and technology with adequate staffing and resource allocation. Proper prechecks is required to be performed to opt a type of cloud migration, Also below are important to consider while cloud migration


Coming before all is to identify the application, there are different reasons to move a workload to the cloud and specific objectives for each organization. Next, very steps are to estimate how much data needs to migrate etc, how quickly the job needs to be completed, get into considering all facts and figures of data, application and other dependencies.

The overall cost is a prime factor to evaluate the Return of investment for any organization. Its bundles up the investment may be in hardware infrastructure and software licensing.