Network and Power Solutions

CCTV Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd Provide Complete Solutions brings the latest CCTV Surveillance Systems (Analog and Digital IP Cameras based) for small, medium and large business establishments. Our CCTV Surveillance Systems include internationally accredited, technologically advanced CCTV Cameras (dome and bullet cameras, night vision cameras, box cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, etc.), Digital Video Recorders, Video Door Phones, and Monitors. Each CCTV Surveillance System helps in detecting early signs of danger, and provides for visual proof of any security breaches. Security has been a major area of concern for individual families, residential apartments, gated communities, business and scientific establishments. CCTV Surveillance Systems help in keeping a watch on movement of suspicious persons and intruders. In today’s world, working couples are using CCTV Surveillance Systems to watch and monitor the work of housekeeping staff, and caretakers employed at home. Cartel Infosystems Complete Solutions has been in the forefront of supplying,installing and maintaining quality CCTV Surveillance Systems.

Data Voice Network Cabling Installations:

Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd specializes in the design, installation and service of structured cabling systems that support multi-product, multi-vendor data and telecommunications networks.

At Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd, we understand the dynamic nature of modern technology and its

impact on the business needs of our clientele and accordingly we offer the “state-of-the art” technology based solutions to meet the present & future emerging technologies. While addressing the customer requirement, our team will assess the current and future requirements and will share and discuss with the customers on the latest structured cabling technologies available and then will proceed to design a high-quality, cost-effective cable system that works for the customer.

Certified Network Cabling / Wiring:

Combining the expertise of our OEM Certified Network Design & Installation specialists, engineers and technicians and Project Managers, in conjunction with our proven project management techniques, we create high-quality, cost-effective structured cable systems that support a company’s mission-critical applications of today, while affording them the bandwidth to migrate to tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltdis fully certified, and an OEM authorized network design and installer for the leading data network and telecommunications cable manufacturers. Our cabling system installations are performed by highly-trained and certified professionals who specialize in copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. We perform System Audit to ensure that your system complies with all ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards, and is ready for acceptance. After we install, test, label and certify your cable system, we will provide you with a complete documentation package, including patch panel records, test results and as-built drawings, to help facilitate future move, add and change (MAC) activity. Our innovative approach to cabling infrastructure designs and installations, as well as our attention to detail, enable us to offer a warranty on all of our workmanship.

Cartel Infosystems provide the custom network and cabling plan that can evolve with your organization. Our Designers, Project Managers and cabling installers provide office cable management services that will enhance your bottom line. When you depend on us for strategic office moving, office cable management, equipment/server racks, office cabling services, or structured cabling installation, you know you’re getting a solution that works for the life of your business. As an expert in the creation and implementation of strategic cabling plans, we deliver solutions that will benefit your company for many years in the future. Meet your long-term business goals with office cabling services and office moving solutions that are designed to last.

Data Center Network Cabling Solution:

Your Data Center houses the mission critical computer systems and applications that support and drive your business. Whether you are building a new Data Center, planning a Disaster Recovery Site or simply expanding a Server Room, Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd has the experience and resources to design and implement the physical infrastructure that will support your needs, and allow you to easily install new equipment and manage your network.

Networking Actives Solutions:

The Switches and the routers are considered as the basic building blocks of an integrated, secure communications platform.
Our Networking Actives solutions offer the wide range of switches and Integrated Services Routers with the industry’s most advanced technologies to build highly cost effective communications networks.


Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd provides consultancy and managed ICT services. A network audit report provides you with recommendations for optimizing your current network infrastructure.
Network Audit is a comprehensive examination of your entire IT infrastructure from the reliability of your backups, hardware utilization and software licensing, to internet connectivity and legal compliance.
Each audit provides you with a plain English breakdown of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of your network, a thorough analysis of any security risks, and detailed recommendations for the future development of your information systems.

Whether you require the complex or large scale services, you are assured that Cartel Infosystems Pvt Provide

Manage, support and maintain PCs, laptops and servers
 Deliver and support an application ready infrastructure

 Help you with planning, design, procurement, deployment of infrastructure or support
 Provide solutions to fit most of your IT needs, including infrastructure provision and support, IT asset management, software solutions, networking and security, storage and data management
 Help you plan your future IT needs
 Leave you to concentrate on your core business
When Cartel Infosystems make a recommendation we give indicative costs for the work required. We will score the work in terms of importance to the business and the benefits that will be achieved. In this way you can prioritize any recommendations in terms of cost, criticality and benefit.

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Wireless Solutions
Design & Installation:

Expanding on our physical layer structured cabling solutions Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd also offers wireless solutions. Cartel offer turnkey Data / Voice / Video connectivity solutions on wireless to build Indoor Wireless LAN, outdoor point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, campus-wide, metropolitan area and Wide-area networks. Our strong Technical and Solution design team enables us to provide total and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We also provide consultancy services in designing the customer specific connectivity solutions.

Wireless Indoor/LAN Solutions:

Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd designs and deploys Wireless Solutions to facilitate:
 Anywhere LAN access in office or residential premises
 Last mile internet, intranet access in private and public premises
 Temporary LANs setup
 Extension of Wired LAN
 Facilitate mobile handheld terminals (PDA) to get connected to LAN


 Scope Requirement Analysis and site survey
 Feasibility study and analysis
 Network design engineering
 Equipment supply
 Installation, Deployment, tune up & Commissioning
 Maintenance

Secure in-Building Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) Access Point Systems:

Ruckus Wireless
 Aruba Systems
 Cisco Aironet
 Motorola

Wireless Outdoor / WAN solutions: Solutions:

Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd Designs and Deploys Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network) solutions for dedicated connectivity solution as an alternative / supplementary solution to Leased Line solution from Telecom Service Providers, for a range of about 40-60 Km for the applications like:
 LAN Inter connect between two or more sites physically separated by kilometers for Data voice and Video Connectivity
 Connecting multiple LAN sites to a central site
 Connecting multiple remote PCs to Central Site LAN
 Extension of Internet access
 Connecting LANs / PCs/ Terminals from ‘difficult to wire’ sites
 Temporary Connectivity for any of the applications mentioned before
 Interconnecting E1 devices


 Scope Requirement Analysis
 Feasibility study for link
 Site survey
 Network Design Engineering
 Tower erection
 Equipment Supply
 Installation commissioning
 Maintenance
 Liasioning with regulatory authorities

Wireless Ethernet Bridges and Outdoor, Encrypted, Point-To-Point, High Bandwidth Solutions:
 Aruba
 Ruckus wireless
 Motorola Canopy
Microwave Solutions:  Radwin (point-to-point solutions up to 1.25GigE)
 Mesh Networks: Secure, Self-Forming, Self-Healing Mesh Networking for Data or IP Video Applications.
 Tropos (indoor and outdoor mesh nodes and access points

Cartel Infosystems Pvt Ltd provides you with the industry-standard reliable power and physical IT infrastructure, with the leading brands in IT departments large and small and among our vast community, our product showcased are into the global spotlight with infrastructure, management, and data security solutions protecting organisations around the world.

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