Contnet Security

Cartel Info Systems have developed a forte in providing cost-effective content protection services to firms across the globe. With hackers and exploiters continuously making the content available free on the online platform, the need for robust content security services has increased significantly. Every type of content is facing similar issues about security. Due to this Robinhood behavior, firms are experiencing huge losses and a decrease in sales.

Content protection services of Cartel Info Systems:

Maintaining compliance with the international security standards, we at Cartel Info Systems are capable of supporting worldwide businesses for running usual procedures in a secure environment. Through partnerships with the leading content providers such as broadcasters, TV operators, OTT media providers we have developed robust security infrastructures for data delivery.

Through our hardware and software-based solutions, protection is enforced, which can be easily integrated into the existing security systems, making our service more efficient than our peers. Cartel Info Systems ensure that our 24X7 support, along with technical and engineering support is rendered before and after integration, for uninterrupted protection. With continuous support rendered to all types of distribution platforms- satellite, cable, OTT, IPTV, terrestrial, etc. we have garnered a diverse experience.

Compatibility with the MPEG2, DVB transport, CENC, MPEG DASH, HTML5 EME, and many more makes Cartel Info Systems one of the most versatile content security providers. Offering better and more reliable security than smart cards, our services don’t allow unauthorized access to high-quality content.

How Cartel Info Systems content security will protect your business?

Cartel Info Systems provides training, continuous monitoring, periodic reviews and audits with technical services making it a complete package for the content owners. Engineers at Cartel Info Systems ensure that the media is safely delivered through the secured infrastructure. For the elimination of piracy of the content, we also offer a solution through digital watermarking. It also protects the owners from side-channel attacks.

Through the strict encryption of the content and a complex decryption pattern, chances of mirroring the content are heavily reduced. With the usage of hardware/ specific devices, the encrypted messages are generated and received, without any potential hacking. We also ensure that the content is available as per pay per view (PPV) terms for specific periods, adhering to plans offered by the owners. Expert engineers of Cartel Info Systems are readily available for providing 24X7X365 support in event of any misfortune to reinforce protection and minimize service disruptions so that firms can earn more profits and customers through maximizing their uptime.