Cloud Deployment

Facilitate your Multi-cloud Managed services

Cloud deployment is mainly about the enablement of IaaS (Infrastructure as service) or PaaS( Platform as service) or SaaS ( Software as a service) which can be used on demand of end-users or customers. Cloud solution refers to implementation with different deployment models within cloud computing architecture. Cloud deployment combines various types of required installation, a configuration that needs to overseen before opting for user provisioning.

Cartel Info system, cohort, and expert advisory board help customers to achieve the business goals through medium of cloud computing solutions. The client has many critical applications to cater to the regular business needs but its Cartel info system prime responsibility to understand the environment, perform an assessment of cloud readiness and then deploy in the cloud.

Is it like any application can deploy in the cloud?

For applications, which have a limited number of user’s usage, they need not migrate to the cloud. But, it’s a must for critical business applications to move on cloud environment using an infrastructure that resides on the cloud across multiple geographies with vendor support effortlessly. Towards this, the Cartel Info system offers an array of cloud computing services and deployment models. Our dedicated certified practitioners are available for consultation with you for identifying the best fit for your business.

What is cloud deployment?

There are 3 service models of cloud computing, Enablement of service models like Saas (Software as Service), PaaS (Platform as service) or Iaas (Infrastructure as service) in cloud solutions to cater user or customer request is known as cloud deployment.

Four types of clouds deployment models:

Public Cloud:
Users and Customers have no control over the place of infrastructure, as its provided on public networks, with a shared cost model or in the form of pay per user licensing policy. Hence it's known as public cloud service and is perfect for an organization that has fluctuating demands.
Private Cloud:
This particular model is used by independent organizations, as it offers control over security. The perfect solution for standalone companies for the high secured requirements with high management demands.
Community Cloud:
This type of deployment model is hosted internally or the third party, which is mutually shared between organizations that belong to the similar community such as government organization, commercial enterprise or Banks.
Hybrid Cloud:
This model embodies both private and public clouds; however, they can still remain separate entities. Hybrid models are perfect for flexibility, scalability, and security, that helps organization who uses the private cloud to ensure clients data is sheltered and available to correspond using public cloud