Server Computing

Being the pioneers of the IT infrastructure sector, we at Cartel Info Systems have a brilliant track record of catering to their valued customers by providing solutions to their business problems. We provide high quality server computing solutions to our clients to convalesce their productivity.

Why chose Server computing with us?

With server computing, being the most popular computing model, in recent times, the complexity of problems associated with them is also deepening. At Cartel Info solutions, by catering to customers with varying requirements we have developed expertise in providing solutions to server computing. Due to rapid technological advancements are various types of servers available in the market- web servers, virtual servers, mail servers, etc. which perplex the customer. Through our expertise, we can suggest the most efficient model for them.

Advantage of server computing through Cartel Info systems:

With our hardcore experience, we provide a robust secure and user-friendly central system where entire data can be made available, at economical prices. We resolve the problems with customized solutions as the location of the server varies as per the requirement of each client. Cartel Info systems ensure that the system solutions are updated and further updating in the future doesn’t cause much trouble. As an outcome, routine tasks become much easier processes become time-efficient. It is always ensured that server solutions are compatible with every system that the client utilizes and serves caters equally to them all. Our servers eliminate the requirement of similar platforms, cutting down expenses, heavily.

What can be avoided by availing of our services?

Problems of network congestions due to heavy network requests from clients bring down productivity. We ensure that problems of network congestion are avoided at all costs. If the server fails, the entire network sinks leading to the suspension of the services. If such a problem arises we ensure that our certified and well-equipped engineers resolve it in a matter of time. Cartel Info systems ensure that our every esteemed customer is provided with fast servers at a better rate than peers.

Types of servers Cartel Info solutions provide:

File servers: Our file servers are utilized for storing and distributing files to its clients on the network. Clients can easily download or upload data/ files on the server for later use with features of high security, costing proportional to their speed.
Proxy servers: Acting as a mediator between the client and main server, our proxy servers are used for isolation and security purposes. These servers fetch requests from different clients, send them to the main server, receive the response and then communicate it back to the respective client
. ● Application server: Our application server executes applications on itself, rather than running on the clients locally. It eliminates the requirement of resources for running the application locally. Mainly employed for research purposes/bigger networks with a larger number of outputs providing clients, our clients need not install the application on their machines.
Web server: Our web server is used to host the program and respond with the data requested by the clients/users on the local network/internet. They reply to requests generated by the web browsers for accessing web pages or web-based services. Some of the popular ones are-Apache, IIS and Nginx server.

Other popular servers offered by us are database servers, virtual servers, management servers, mail servers, DNS servers, print servers, etc. We offer Windows and Linux servers for specific requirement of our customer for the applications like SAP, Data Base’s, Microsoft and other services.

OEM we supports:-

Dell as a Platinum partner we provide entire range of servers offered by dell including the expert knowledge on hosting as per customer needs

IBM/Lenovo as a preferred Gold partner we are well equipped to provide all server services offered by OEM

HP:- Registered partner with high end customer experience we offer better service to our customer on all the server range products