Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) Support

Regular Maintenance helps to increase the life expectancy of a product, which has a direct impact if the product is the end of life and support. End of life refers to when a vendor of the product announces the product is obsolete and should no longer be used. End of service typically refers to a situation where vendor ceases the support of product or service, but likely to get support to come at a premium. The service provider gets in an agreement for repair and maintenance of product, property, and device, etc., which is owned and used by a customer, is known as an Annual Maintenance Contract. Maintenance has long term benefits for better performance and results.

Annual Maintenance contract services offered by the Cartel Info system are the best package tailored for our clients, to suit the business requirement at an affordable rate compare to market standards. Vendor management for an advance new product, like servers, vehicles or any consumer products is managed as well in our Annual maintenance contract.

On the support model, we offer a flexible Annual maintenance contract that helps the client to choose an appropriate support model like On-premise, SaaS - Cloud (software as a service) or VM image. During the year, the client can seamlessly change the support maintenance model as the business needs.

Cartel Infosystem, support engineers are available 24X7 onsite and remote support. Our, cohort is well experienced and vendor certified to support the IT environment, who understand the business impact and apply the correct technical approach to minimize the business outage.

A timely, recommendation is rolled out to clients for applying patches, hotfixes released by the OEM. Based on the client`s risk appetite, either we stay with risk or on business approval of the maintenance window, we plan a change to upgrade, migrate the software or hardware devices and mitigate risk to improve compliance posture.

Third-Party Maintenance – We, overall manage services for clients and most of the time Original Equipment Manufacturer are having last-mile service as final leg to deliver services to end customers.

Warranty up-gradation - To minimize the service outage, a warranty upgrade has to be initiated by clients. We from Cartel Infosystems will help to get the right plan from OEM. which lends a hand to OEM coordination and initiate extension to base warranty to fixed-term or fixed-cost service solution.

End of Life support and services: This is a potential risk to the client environment and is vulnerable for malicious attack, to minimize End of support; the team either upgrades the product to a new version or retires the product due to end of life.