Open Source Solutions

Source code available to users or developers to make a fit use of it in a definite program or functionality is known as Open source code. Cartel Info systems are managed services Infrastructure Company owns the deployment, training, documentation and consulting specialized in the open-source solutions.

Popularly known as OSS (Open Source Software)is a prominent example of open collaboration, which is used as source code to release under a license in a collaborative public manner. Any organization can bring diverse perspectives beyond the company level to cater an Open source software development. Recent research from Standish Group stated adoption of an Open-source software model has triggered savings of more than $60 Billion across the globe.

Software Development using Open source solutions

Digitalization and Social Media is a fast-moving trend in the current digital world, hence every organization is moving towards a form of software development which has low-cost license dependency, repeated renewals. Software vendors are leveraging the power of the open-source because the open-source software is compatible and has greater flexibility to adapt to current business requirements. Transparency, changes, inbuilt validation help software companies to develop cost-effective business software tools using several packaged in a free license Open source solutions

Cartel Info system earnestly attends several global open source communities to get acquaintance and be part of the software vendors summits and exhibitions, which comes with a launch offers to early-bird subscribers. This helps us to stay in the race and understand the latest development happening around the globe.

Skilled staff with Technical expertise @ Cartel Info system:

Ours, Cohort contributes an Open source project to the client, only when its interests to the client and help to grow the business model to the next level. Some of the major top contributors are below OpenStack, OpenVZ, and FreeBSD:

Also in the entire stack of Open source LAMP Technologies:
Linux (operating system)
• Apache (webserver)
• MySQL (database management system)
• PHP5 (programming language)

We have certified practitioners, who have experience in developing many complex architectural projects, may it be a web-based program or using open sources applications like Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, MEAN, and for web content management or content management system which extends inbuilt facilities like authoring, collaboration, administration tools.

Project Promotions:

Success stories are not easy goings, software developers encounter many challenges and stumble upon unavoidable situations, we Cartel Info system, have a blog, share stories about the journey during open-source project implementation. Go ahead and announce to the whole world about the options and opportunities you met during Open source solution implementation. Readers will love to read the technical challenges and in this way, you can share knowledge base with open source solutions and promote your existing brand and product.