Cloud Operations

Cloud operations circumscribe the protocol of managing and delivering cloud services, along with the infrastructure to opt internal or external user base. The task includes peak performance and maintaining availability in respect to satisfy the requirement and expectations of end-users and clients to meet the Service level agreement as per contract guidelines. This helps to maintain the security and compliance posture to kept green in line with operational costs.

Cartel Infosystems, Multicloud managed services team is well aware and carries vast experience in managing cloud operations. Cloud operation includes the procedures of operating or running cloud infrastructure and the environment. Our Cohort augments and ensures all processes and resources are perfectly managed to retain cloud operations to be smooth.

Main objectives of Cloud operation

• Maintain no ambiguousness by providing transparency
• Provide cloud services and infrastructure
• Enhance performance and capacity
• Ensures Resource management despite the platform used or location of infrastructure
• Deliver and meet Service level agreement
• Follow change management and automate service
• Manage redundancy with proper disaster recovering plan

Cartel Info system, cloud management, and operational consulting services provide the support clients needs while planning and transition to a hybrid cloud environment. Specialist in services as an IT-as-a-Service (ITaas) model which helps our clients improve in managing cloud operations and governance, which minimizes cost and uses the best use of Investment budget to fit the business requirement. We handle the client's database and application server hosted in some public cloud or managing or designing a network of your VPN. Our professionals have expertise knows how to use the cloud services offered by Cloud service providers at a data center, storage, compute, database, security or network, etc. The data center cloud environment is a complex setup as it's not restricted to the user-level but administrator level of the cloud service provider.

Optimize and Integrate architectural design in line with multi vendors support

Our services help multi vendor’s support including both technology and managed services. The client has options to choose the solutions, either from cloud service provider or Cartel Info system, using capabilities or third party solutions to protect your investment budget, We have defined standard methods which support and available for integration with policies of service providers for hybrid clouds across multiple locations and vendors.

Minimize operational risks and your IT Costs

Advanced automation helps run your hybrid cloud more with better planned to achieve higher transparency and management control. Our experts provide a workflow aligned to a cloud service provider to be implemented via proper change management protocols to help and improve operations and governance to reduce IT cost and add value to your investments