Facility Management Services(FMS) Support

Integrated Facility management is the interdisciplinary coordination of demand and supply of business owners, enterprises, corporate or Government associations regarding agreed facilities which are important to help business functions to operate and serve the purpose.

International Organization for standardization has developed and published as ISO 41001:2018 for facility management and has defined the set of functions that integrates people, place, and process within the built environment improving the quality and productivity to operate and deliver the purpose.

Cartel infosystem is one-stop for complete facility solutions, offers cost-effective and customer-centric facility management solutions. Our comprehensive consulting service provides contract facility management, which is increasing nowadays to hire a specialized facility management enterprise. Our system is built on the foundation of documentation management to maintain reliability and control toward managed services solution to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Cartel infosystem, dedicated staff ensures participation and collaboration by improving communications for driving project success.

Our, cohort core expertise helps to determine the smart way to provide solutions to any maintenance program to the smart maintenance program, Team, solutions best use of latest modern technology and drives to fit as a solution to ensure the best results for the client's current environment.

We are the fastest growing facility Management Company, tenders special service regarding Building management, Annual maintenance for Government or Commercials clients. Also, this make us proud to be Premium facility management service provider to serve as a single point of contact for all our clients’ needs, such as fire safety system, CCTV, security, Environment health and safety management, Hospitality, Emergency management, business continuity, operations management and Infrastructure Management. The prime focus is to render quality service until client satisfaction, which in turn helps us to make a key point to attract more customers in a competitive business environment.

Facility management, standards is a range of discipline. Safety and efficiency are in the first place in the built environment. In Information Technology, Facility management is provided for software and systems. Current Era is the world of data, to be more precise it would be an Internet of Things (IoT). Cartel Infosystem enables facility management departments to get benefit from Data Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate the workplace management system. The facility management system provides cognitive capabilities to managers to perform real-time visibility which is more productive to produce great business results.