Cloud Assessment

Nearly, 80% of the organizations are moved to IT cloud environment, did you get your organization assessed for cloud strategy readiness?

Testing new features and information, chasing the current trend and adaptability to the latest cloud technology, to fit in existing business architecture along with application discovery to show organization readiness for Cloud environment, is known as the Cloud assessment framework. Cartel Info system, Multi-cloud managed services, are the experts to evaluate and to adjust the client’s current business model and provide a solution with cloud computing IT environment assessments.

From Physical to Virtual infrastructure:

The next step, to follow is deploying a cloud computing offering, from existing physical to cloud virtualization environment that migrates physical server to be used by cloud providers and deploy it as the same physical server hostname with multiple cloud users. Migrating business functions like infrastructure, core critical applications to the cloud with a complex process.

Opportunity to move a business to the next level

Every Organization goes through unavoidable dependencies during the year, which sometimes creates road blocks on the pathway of success. But, the Leadership team has to unblock it by settling operational cost and planning, forecasting the business growth to mitigate the risk.

On that account, here goes the opportunity by absorbing on-premises application advancement like:
• Competitive Enhancement
• Upgrade costing
• Maintenance support is expensive
• Hold back Business Agility

Moving on, the Cloud assessment framework enables the organization to assess cloud readiness roadmap. Successful migration needs multi skillet and deep technical architectural knowledge for analysis, following proper Changement control to ensure minimal impact on the current business environment and gain maximum benefit in terms of cost and efficiency.
1. Analyze Your Business and Technology Requirements
2. Identify whether to Manage Migration internally or with cloud Partner
3. Evaluate costs
4. Select a Cloud Vendor
5. Make a decision to use Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud
6. Setup up Governance and Security Models for the Cloud
7. Chalk out Cloud Strategy and prepare Cloud Roadmap
8. Follow Change Management Plan to minimize impact to business

Pathways to Enterprise Cloud migration

Cartel Info System, Multi managed services team, put forward the assessment methodology including a comprehensive pathway for cloud readiness in collective synergic phases

Architectural design planning, scope, and strategy are collected in this phase which involves multiple team discussion and co-ordination

Division of the application analysis into 8 decision are carried out in this phase

Each application filtration, applicability review, and identification are managed in this phase.

Post above 3 phases, the last phase comes in to for delivery in around approximately 8 weeks, consists of end-state architecture, business case, and deployment roadmap.


• Risk decision is minimized
• User adoption increases and its user-friendly
• Cost of Investment is low